Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers

Directions: Read each statement carefully and choose the response that best answers the question.

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When pumping the air pressure down during your brake check, the brake buttons should pop out somewhere between:

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In order to put a commercial motor vehicle on the road, you must first:

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The regulations require drivers of property-carrying CMVs to complete and sign a DVIR:

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When completing an inspection of your lights, you’ll need to ensure these lights are working and appropriately aimed.

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Post-Trip inspections should include:

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Post-Trip inspections should include:

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While inspecting the fire extinguisher during the in-cab inspection, make sure it is:

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The minimum tread depth for the steer tires is:

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Before you inspect the engine compartment and front axle components:

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After the initial 50-mile check, you must conduct additional on-the-road inspections of the cargo and load-securing devices:

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