Get your $1000 referral bonus much faster!!!


New Driver Referral Bonus Program with Benefit Trucking.


Call your friend today – get your first $ 500 bonus immediately after 2 weeks of his/ her work with our company.


Rules as simple as follows:

  1. The referrer gets the first half of $500 bonus when the recommended candidate has passed successfully the Hire Orientation procedure, will be getting the first load and only after two (2) calendar weeks of work with the Benefit Trucking company.
  2. The referrer gets the second half $500 bonus when the recommended person already works for 3 months (12 calendar weeks) with the Benefit Trucking company.


 Important Notes:

  1. There is no cap on the number of referrals current employees (truck drivers) with Benefit Trucking can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly.
  2. The payment is made through the driver’s payroll and according to the referral bonus planning table.
  3. Referrers are still eligible for rewards even if a candidate is hired at a later time and gets hired for any other truck driving positions with Benefit Trucking.
  4. The referrers are allowed to recommend for all available truck drivers position holding CDL class A only.
  5. If the recommended truck driver leaves Benefit Trucking for one reason or another before the expiry of the above deadlines, then the driver who recommended that person will not receive bonuses according to the same.
  6. If two or more individuals refer to the same candidate, only the first referrer will receive their referral.
  7. The referrers are welcome to recommend a student (trainee) for any truck driving positions available with Benefit.


Referral bonus payout table:

Occupation 2 weeks 3 months Notes
Solo OTR $500 $500
Teams $750 $750
Owner-Operators $500 $500 The owner-operator must drive his/ her own vehicle.
Owner-Operator Teams $750 $750 Team owner-operators must drive their vehicle.
Regional $300 $300
Students can be recommended as well as all other truck drivers but with certain rules, as follows:

1.     The referrer gets a bonus in case a student will succeed and become an employee (a truck driver CDL class A) with Benefit Trucking according to the vacancy agreed with a trainee in advance.

2.     The referrer receives a referral bonus for the student under a different payment scheme and according to other conditions, which are discussed individually in each case.

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